Jack clashes with Roxy

Roxy is stirring trouble between Ronnie and Jack. Will she reveal what’s really on her mind in EastEnders?

Ronnie and Jack take Roxy to look at a new school for Amy. When Roxy is less than enthusiastic, Jack is frustrated. Although Ronnie encourages Jack to talk things through with her sister, Jack just ends up losing his temper. Stung when Jack suggests she doesn’t want Ronnie to be happy, Roxy later admits to Ronnie that she’s just upset at the thought of Amy moving away.

When Jack and Ronnie get an offer on the house, Roxy blurts out that she thinks there’s something going on between Jack and Honey…

Ben is feeling pushed out by the family. After Sharon calls a family meeting to talk about Phil’s transplant, a drunk Ben turns up and causes a scene. Annoyed when Kathy tries to smooth things over, Ben storms off.

Shakil is sulking, worried that Bex no longer likes him. Concerned for his brother, Kush encourages Shakil to talk to Bex.

Also, Kim has her driving test. Denise asks Mick to join the play.