Jack comforts an emotional Ronnie

Kat and Alfie are called into the bereavement suite to see ‘their’ baby, but Kat disappears and walks back to the Vic to sit next to Tommy’s empty cot. Meanwhile, a shocked and terrified Ronnie tries to breastfeed Tommy, but can’t bring herself to do it. An unsuspecting Jack offers to prepare some formula to help out. Ronnie can’t stop crying. Jack is worried and calls the midwife and asks for some post-natal help.

Alfie finds Kat sitting in the dark holding an outfit for ‘Tommy’. The couple have nothing to say to each other and break down in each other’s arms. Kat and Aflie return to the hospital to say a final farewell. Kat looks at the baby and screams out that he’s not her son!

Syed covers for Bianca at the cafe when Bianca is upset about Kat and Alfie’s tragedy. Roxy and Christian are in the cafe and Christian is wracked with guilt about kissing the piper at the New Year party. Roxy thinks that what Syed doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Christian finds the piper’s number in amongst his change. Roxy covers when Syed sees it, but Christian blurts out the truth.

Also, Tanya and Greg tell Roxy they’re interested in her house.

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