Martha is no longer able to hide the truth about the paternity test from Jack. He reacts with fury at the news and goes missing, leaving Martha worried. She later learns he went to the Diner and tried to punch Roman, accusing him of trying to weasel his way back into Martha’s life. Jack finally returns home and apologises to Martha, telling her he wants them to be together. The following morning they meet Roman and agree not to put the unborn baby at risk by doing the DNA test now. They will wait until after the baby is born and try to keep Roman involved in the pregnancy.

Belle helps Aden out by rewriting the assignment he lost in the school computer crash, but Aden says he doesn’t need her pity. Later, he has a change of heart and turns up outside her window. Delighted, she invites him up and they spend the night together.

Ric’s first night shift doesn’t go well, and he jumps in fear when he bumps into Tony looking for Jack in the darkness. Heading home, he tries to get some sleep and relax, but is plagued by flashbacks of the robbery. Matilda wakes up to find Ric sweating and shaking. Is he having a breakdown?

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday August 28*

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