Jack considers his next move

Karen tries to cheer up Jack, who’s been hiding under his covers all day moping. Finally Immie stomps in and tells him to pull himself together – he can still get a university place through clearing. When Jack comes downstairs optimistic about going through clearing, Karen believes the smell of her cooking has worked wonders, all the time unaware of Immie’s contribution.

As Michelle help Ruth to deal with an awkward patient, Heston assumes that Ruth needs to learn how to be assertive. When Simon finds a leaflet on an assertiveness course, Heston insists Ruth goes along and that he’ll go with her. Ruth is adamant she doesn’t need it until Lily points out that she does struggle to stand up to Heston.

Pregnant Bridget comes to see Zara and asks for a termination, fearing she’s harmed her unborn baby through binge drinking. Bridget later admits it’s not her husband’s baby – she had a fling to get pregnant because her husband is infertile.

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