Immie is still torn over her decision to end things with Gio, while he and Jack are getting drunk. Jack eventually has enough of love sick Gio and takes him to the Campus where he asks Zara to give him advice; she is the most unromantic person he knows! She fails to make a breakthrough with him.

Later, after having a go at Immie for not dealing with Gio, Jack sets him up with some beautiful girls who simply lap up his poetry; Immie watches on with a tinge of jealousy.

Zara and Daniel enjoy a steamy night in, however Zara wakes up sweating with a hot flush. She reassures Daniel’s worries about her.

Also, Rob is concerned when he is given information that Jo may be harming her own daughter again; having been the arresting officer in her original case he is forced to confront his assumption that old habits die hard.

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