Jack decides he needs time away

Dennis is gutted that Sharon won’t let him see Jack. When Jack pops over to check on Dennis, Sharon refuses, telling him that he gave up the right to care about him. Sharon is frantic when Dennis goes missing. Jack finds him in the gym and drops him back at Phil’s. After Jack leaves a note to say Sharon and Dennis can move back into the flat as he’s going away for a while, Sharon hurries to speak to him, but it’s too late…

Lauren is fed up with keeping Kirsty’s pregnancy from Tanya, telling Max to sort it out. Feeling the strain, Lauren gets drunk in the Vic, causing Joey to walk out on her. When Kirsty suggests she leaves, Lauren hits back that having a baby with Max won’t stop him leaving her. While Lauren tells a stunned Tanya that Kirsty is pregnant, Kirsty tells Max she’ll have the abortion after all.

Ava is put out when she gets home to find Dexter playing crib with Cora. After Cora gives Dexter the family crib board, Dexter invites Cora for dinner, keen for her and Ava to bond. Later, Ava drops off the crib board with Tanya, telling her that Cora’s dinner invite is cancelled.