Jack doesn’t trust Mark

Will Jack trust his gut?

Paige and Mark patch things up and the pair promises to put each other first. Meanwhile, Jack is concerned when he finds out that Paige and Mark had an argument in the first place. Steph tells Jack to mind his own business, but he doesn’t take her advice. Jack starts examining Mark’s behaviour and notices Mark’s acting uncomfortable around his colleagues. At the end of his tether, Jack interrupts Mark and Paige’s romantic reunion and demands to know what’s going on. Will Jack’s demands drive a wedge between Paige and Mark?

Meanwhile, auditions are being held for the variety night and, with Dipi preoccupied with caring for Kirsha, Toadie is left in charge of judging the acts. The only problem is, Toadie thinks he’s Simon Cowell and doesn’t have a good word to say about any of the talent! Will Toadie give anyone the chance to perform for variety night?

Also, Sheila is down in the dumps about her love life, until she bumps into Clive. Will they have a second chance at their romance?