Roxy is worried about a distracted Ronnie and confronts her. Ronnie confesses that she went to see Joel, but she couldn’t go through with speaking to him. Roxy takes matters into her own hands, but her plan to see Joel is thwarted when she faints at the tube station. Meanwhile, Jack has organised a French-themed evening for the family, but Tanya is angry that he may have made Max suspicious about their plans and a frustrated Jack storms out.

Max sees Jack leave the house and he brings Tanya round a pizza as a peace offering. Jack finds an upset Ronnie in the club and she admits that she is worried about Roxy, but Archie won’t let her see her. Ronnie confesses to Jack about her adopted baby and tells Jack she wishes things could have been different between them and they tenderly kiss…

Ian is increasingly suspicious of Jane’s ‘gym’ sessions and he confronts Tamwar and demands to know what’s going on with Jane. Tamwar is rattled and Christian suggests that Tamwar take Ian to see for himself. Ian is gobsmacked when they end up in a seedy pub when he sees Jane doing a stand-up comedy routine!

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