Jack faces police questioning

Darren is reluctant to admit to a nosy Cindy just how much of a mess the Osbornes are in, and manages to deflect her curious questioning. Meanwhile, in a police interview room, a broken Jack has to face the beginning of the police investigation into his fake death.

Back at The Dog, Darren is concerned to see Frankie falling to pieces in front of him as she reaches her lowest ebb. He is grateful when Cindy steps in and dissuades Frankie from contacting Newt. But Darren is feeling far more jittery about the probability of Kris and Malachy’s reaction to dad Eamon’s body being exhumed in the next few days.

Elliot and Zak descend on Russ for some boy bonding. Disappointed that he’s been left babysitting Max, they embark on a mission to keep him feeling young, and decide to have fun staying in instead. But when Elliot somehow manages to swallow a ring pull from a can of beer, the trio plus baby Max head off to casualty.

Also, a distraught Myra attempts to console her family following last week’s tragic events.

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