Jack fears he’s lost Ben for good

So, who was shot at the drugs deal? That’s what DCI Jack Meadows wants to know, as the conclusion of this two-part story gets under way. Was it his son, ex-con Ben? He was supposed to be helping the police catch the gang by setting up drugs baron Linton Barry. Ben wasn’t shot but he has disappeared with the drugs and the money and Jack’s convinced he’s been double-crossed by his own son.

DC Mickey Webb explains that drugs buyer Mark Sennett was shot. And Mark tells Jack from his hospital bed that they were ambushed and a dealer was killed. So, Ben didn’t betray his father. Then where is he? Jack’s devastated when Ben’s mobile phone and a body are found in Linton’s burnt-out car. Has he lost him for good?

A phone call from a desperate Petal Ford, Ben’s girlfriend, stirs Jack. She tells him Linton is after her and Jack races with Mickey to her flat. When he gets there Petal’s gone, but he finds Ben – alive. Ben explains that he made a run for it when the shooting started but now Linton wants his money and he’s holding Petal until he gets it.

Again, the police make a plan to trap Linton – and this time it’s Ben’s and Petal’s lives on the line…