Jack finally confronts Lucy

Jack finally sees Lucy in her office, he tell her he cares for her but makes her promise that her marriage is over. She does and they kiss. Later, when saying their goodbyes, we see that Lucy’s husband Grant has seen them together.

Mrs Tembe is worried about taking time off to go to the Lake District on a retreat with her Church but Julia reassures her that they’ll manage. Later, when Mrs Tembe comes out of the cubicle wearing a full-length wetsuit to prevent her catching disease, Julia can’t help but laugh.

At Brian’s house, Imogen shouts at Rob to take action or lose Karen forever – she’s started going on dates! Rob can’t believe it.

Imogen goes to The Mill and cries on Cherry’s shoulder. Cherry suggests she talk to Karen but Imogen is not ready for that. Elaine suggests she channel some of these emotions into her art, which Imogen thinks is a good idea. Cherry thinks she should give a grumpy Simon a paintbrush in that case.

Brian comes home to find Rob still in front of the TV. He suggests they go for a drink. Rob and Brian have a heart to heart in The Icon, as Rob gets drunk, and Brian offers him advice and support. Rob is pretty certain that him and Karen are finished for good and a concerned Brian loyally follows him to a lap-dancing club.

Meanwhile, Simon helps a blind man see the light and faces some of his own demons in doing so.

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