Jack gets a surprise visit

On his way back to Uni, Jack is confronted by Lucy’s husband Grant, who unexpectedly breaks down in tears in front of Jack. Grant begs Jack to end his affair with his wife and claims that he and Lucy are still together – even though that isn’t what she told Jack.

In shock, Jack skips his lecture and confronts Lucy about her lie; she tells him that she does still live with Grant but is adamant that their marriage is over. Jack doesn’t want to be in the middle of a broken marriage or be the cause of it; he leaves Lucy devastated.

Meanwhile, homeless teenager Clem Foster is lurking in The Mill where Daniel brings Izzie when her nursery has to close early. Karen is sent out to move Clem on when she spots a bad cut on his hand. While Daniel shows Izzie off to his colleagues, Karen asks Cherry to clean up Clem’s hand. Soon Karen is left watching Izzie when Daniel takes a phone call but she needs to talk to Julia and Izzie is left momentarily alone.

Daniel returns to find Izzie gone and panics – no-one is able to calm him down as he hunts furiously for his little girl. Everyone reassures him that she won’t have gone far but Daniel soon points the finger at Clem. Zara arrives and manages to calm the situation telling Daniel that Izzie is safe and sound in the treatment room.

Karen sees to shaken Clem who tells her he gives origami gifts because he has no other currency; he says her family are lucky to have her. Before Daniel takes Izzie home he thanks Zara; he doesn’t know what he’d do without her.

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