Max is still in a critical condition in hospital and Jack gets a visit from DI Turner, who points out that he’s the prime suspect in the hit-and-run. DI Keeble takes over the case and questions Jack about Max’s injuries and his relationship with Tanya. Jack makes a mysterious phone call after Keeble lets him go. Jack sees Turner and the NSE officer leaving Ronnie‘s and Turner confirms that Ronnie has given him a fake alibi…

Stacey avoids Callum when he shouts out to her across the Square and she hurries into the Slaters. Callum heads over to the Slaters and knocks on the door. Stacey tells a disappointed Callum that she doesn’t want to see him.

Tamwar is organising a comedy night at the Vic and he invites Jane to do her Mrs Beale act. Jane is aware of Ian’s objections to her act and turns him down. Ian is dismissive about Jane’s jokes and Jane is hurt. Ian feels guilty for hurting Jane and he encourages her to do the comedy night, but begs her not to include the jokes about him.

Also, Bradley is still on edge; Archie taunts Sean when Roxy asks Ronnie to go to her antenatal class with her.

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