Jack bribes DC Hughes to fix the DNA samples for Bradley. Meanwhile, Lucy spies a furtive Ian digging up something at the allotments. Marsden gets a tip-off about the engagement ring. Becca steals Ronnie’s hairbrush for Stacey so that Stacey can use the hair to prove that Archie fathered her baby. The police turn up and a panicking Max is about to ‘confess’ to murdering Archie to save Bradley. Jack holds him back and says it’s all sorted and Janine is arrested.

Carol tells Bianca that she’s there to take Billie home. Billie tells his mum that he won’t miss Bianca’s wedding because of their feud. Ricky is missing and Pat calls his mobile and hears it ringing inside a van. Pat opens the door to find a half-naked Ricky, who is convinced that he’s in France!

Dot is visited by a woman claiming to be Nick’s ex, Sandy, who says she’s there to take her daughter Kirsty. Dot realises that Sandy is talking about Dottie, but claims she doesn’t know where she is. Sandy tells Dot that she’s off the drugs and has got her life together. Dot takes Sandy’s number and promises to call.

Also, Phil convinces Shirley that he’s not interested in Sonia.

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