Jack gets in deeper

Struggling to cope with his mounting debts, Jack is at a loss about what to do. So when Frankie suggests she and Charlie join Steph and Tom on holiday, he’s forced to ask Steph for cash. Steph agrees to keep his secret but when Frankie discovers all their bank accounts are empty she wants answers.

Frankie confronts Jack and feels betrayed to find he’s lied to her but assures him they’re in this together. However, when Frankie discovers he’s begged money from his grieving step-daughter, it’s the last straw. Frankie leaves and Jack is left a broken man.

Niall is enjoying sharing a flat with John Paul but his high spirits are crushed when Kieron turns up on the doorstep. Niall worries that Kieron will ruin his plans when he admits he still loves John-Paul. Can Niall keep them apart?

Newt is desperate for Eli to leave before people realise he targeted the village. Eli tries to convince Newt that Lauren is evil and needs stopping. He then suggests getting Jack out of the way, and tries to convince a terrified Newt that he can’t be trusted.

Also, on results day, Elliot lands top marks but Zak fails and his plans for leaving uni disintegrate.

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