Jack looks on impressed when he spots Daniel out for a run. Daniel tells him he could do with getting in shape too, before sprinting off. Later, Rob comes home to find Jack slumped on the sofa eating rubbish. Rob criticises him for being lazy and unhealthy.

Alone, Jack looks at his puny body in the mirror, frowning at his little pot belly.

Meanwhile, Daniel is determined to get Zara to listen to him after she called it off yesterday. He traps her in her office and proceeds to tell her a story from his childhood to prove he is vulnerable too.

At first she is moved, but then realises he made the whole thing up. Daniel admits he did, but argues this shows they can’t lie to each other. He knows they are both vulnerable and he wants to be with her. Later, Ruth sees the pair leave work together holding hands.

A handsome school friend of Jimmi’s creates a stir with the women at the Mill.

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