Jack gets one over Phil

Jack plays Phil the tape and Phil is furious, but tries to tough it out. Jack warns Phil not to try any more games with him and he demands that Phil let him take over the car lot. Darren is chuffed that Phil is getting his comeuppance for having a hand in Kevin’s death.

Tanya reminds Rainey that she has her drugs test today and she prays that Rainey is clean. Rainey looks nervous and heads off for the test, but it reveals that she has cannabis in her blood stream. Tanya is furious with Rainey and tells her that she can’t have her in the house. Tanya asks Max to back down on his allegations, but they have an almighty row.

Billy and Honey are desperate to say yes to Pat’s offer but Honey is terrified of offending Peggy. Ronnie decides to try to force the situation and she tells a stunned Honey that Roxy is sweet on Billy! Honey announces that they are moving out and Peggy is secretly relieved. Billy is shocked when Honey reveals that Ronnie said Roxy fancied him!

Also, Jane warns Ian not to neglect Lucy while he concentrates on Peter.

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