*One-hour special*

Whitney confronts Kylie when dog poo is posted through the Butchers’ front door. Billie tells Kylie to stay away from his family. Kylie tells Billie that she’s thrown the gun away, but she isn’t convincing. Later, Billie and the Brannings celebrate Lauren’s birthday at the club. Billie announces he wants to join the police like his uncle Jack. Then Kylie appears and fires a gun…

Whitney’s hand is grazed by the bullet. Jack lies in a pool of blood. Max goes into shock. Billie tells Carol he wishes he’d taken the bullet and not his uncle. A heartbroken Carol agrees with Billie, who runs away.

Roxy sees Janine apparently throwing Ryan out of their flat. Roxy takes a fancy to a flirtatious Ryan and asks him to put up some shelves in the salon. Roxy tells ‘homeless’ Ryan he can sleep on her couch for the night. Janine insists she’s happy that their plan to reel in Roxy is working, but it’s clear she’s struggling with her emotions. Ryan confesses to Janine that he’s in love with her, but he’s gutted when she can’t respond.

Also, Ben confesses to Shirley he’s scared that Louise will be more important to Phil than he is.

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