Jack is due to be brought out of his coma. Dot tells Max and Carol that Billie should reconcile with his uncle, as Jack may be brain damaged. Billie and Whitney overhear and Billie is horrified. The Brannings head to the hospital. Jack is talking, but the doctor fears he could be paralysed on one side. Jack is beside himself when Dot breaks the news that he may not fully recover.

Zainab accuses Christian of only helping decorate the flat so he can get close to Syed. Zainab interferes in Syed and Amira’s marriage and suggests to Amira that she buy some sexy lingerie to spice things up in the bedroom. Amira is upset when Syed isn’t interested and tells her to get dressed. Amira slinks out to the pub and meets Christian, who is horrified when she asks him for advice on how to seduce Syed.

Leon invites Zsa Zsa out on a romantic dinner date and she’s impressed until Fatboy turns up with his own date Julie. Leon is irritated when Julie flirts with Zsa Zsa and Fatboy encourages, hoping that Zsa Zsa will respond! Zsa Zsa receives a present from her secret admirer and Leon is concerned.

Also, Pat and Peggy both decide to run for council.

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