Jack drags a handcuffed and incredulous Roman into the police station, much to Charlie’s surprise. She tries to dissuade Jack, but he refuses to listen to reason. Unknown to her, Jack is hurt at seeing Martha embracing Roman when she hasn’t let Jack touch her since her operation.

Meanwhile, Roman is furious at Jack’s attitude and refuses to stay away from Martha. But when Charlie tells Martha that Jack saw her hugging Roman, Martha finally realises what Jack is going through. At the same time, after a word with Charlie, Jack realises that Martha has to come first and apologises to Roman, dropping the charges.

Roman tells Jack that while Martha may confide in him, Jack is all she ever talks about. Later, Jack and Martha make up and she finally reveals her scar to him. Meanwhile, Charlie tells Roman she is falling in love with him when she thinks he’s asleep. But Roman is not asleep, and he’s not entirely thrilled by her confession either…

After Miles walks in on Kirsty in her underwear, he begins to feel a growing attraction towards her. Kirsty is amused by his discomfort and the pair begin flirting.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday October 2*

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