Jack gets violent with Derek

Jack visits Roxy and is rattled when Shirley says she didn’t come home last night. Derek confesses to Jack he arranged for Roxy to have a fright. Jack violently pushes Derek against the wall. Later, Roxy appears alive and well – Shirley was winding up Jack. Roxy tells Jack she doesn’t want him seeing Amy. Max is angry with Roxy and goes to confront her. His eyes are out on stalks when she answers the door in a towel. Roxy drops her towel and seductively walks up the stairs. Will Max be tempted?

Earlier in the day, Tanya confesses to Max that she misses spending time with him. Max tells Tanya to take the day off – they’re having the afternoon to themselves. Tanya and Max have a relaxing afternoon. Tanya passionately kisses Max, but she can’t bring herself to take things further. A frustrated Max tells an upset Tanya to make her mind up.

Heather worries that they will have bad luck for the wedding when Andrew walks in on her trying on her wedding dress. Heather is glum when Dot reveals the caterer and cake maker have dropped out. Heather argues with Andrew about Shirley. Heather insists Shirley is her best mate and Andrew will have to get used to it.