Jack gives in to blackmail

Jack gets a call from Rowan, a criminal he’s had dealings with in the past, who reveals he has a recording of Jack on tape arranging to set up Cam with drugs. Rowan will only give Jack the tape if Jack gives him the police evidence they have on Rowan over a recent felony. Jack is forced to agree to the deal, and steals the evidence, but arouses the suspicions of new cop in the Bay, George Watson.

Later, Jack meets Rowan and exchanges the evidence for the tape, but is unaware that George has tailed him and is watching the exchange. George later confronts Jack about the missing evidence, and tells him he saw everything. Jack is mortified but relieved as George, himself a bent cop, agrees to keep his secret – for now.

Drew, Belle and Lucas walk in on Tony and Jazz in a passionate embrace. Drew and Lucas are furious, but their rage is nothing compared to Belle when she discovers that spilt wine has damaged her photos for her school art installation.

Later, Tony offers Jazz cash to give to Belle for some new prints, telling her to let the kids think the money was hers.