Jack gives Sam an ultimatum

Left to choose between sending his pregnant wife to jail or letting her get away with murdering Johnny Cooper, Jack has some tough thinking to do. When Sam arrives, Jack tells her that if she hands herself in to the police for murdering Johnny, he’ll keep the rest to himself. Plus, he wants custody of the baby when it’s born. What will Sam decide?

Guilty Cassie tells Roman and Morag that she saw Aden in obvious distress, which means his tests must have come back HIV positive. Little do they know that the real problem concerns Aden’s painful memories about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his grandfather. Aden’s first attempt to confront his dad about it is shut down, but seeing a photograph of his grandfather sends Aden into a rage, prompting his dad to go berserk.

Roman arrives just in time to stop Aden’s father from literally choking the accusations out of his son. Aden agrees to crash at Roman’s for the night, and things seem to be going well until he spots a photo from Roman’s army days and flees, taking refuge in the condemned Diner. But as he settles down to sleep, the roof collapses, leaving Aden trapped and unconscious.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday May 9*

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