Jack goes undercover

DCI Jack Meadows volunteers to go undercover to catch dodgy antiques dealers who are selling stolen goods. When they find out the name of a shop where the goods are coming from, DC Mickey Webb and Pc Tony Stamp visit owner Phil Agombar, who admits to being forced to sell the items for a couple of well-connected men.

Jack is particularly keen to arrest one of the men, Roy Summers, who killed a police colleague some years ago but walked free on a technicality. After a quick lesson in antiques from DS Mayhew, Jack prepares to meet the dealers claiming to want to buy some antiques.

Jack’s colleagues watch as he meets Arran Palmer, who unwittingly escorts Jack to a warehouse to meet the main suspect: Summers. After CID lose Jack at some traffic lights, he’s all alone with no back-up. And he’s completely thrown when Summers starts interrogating him at gun-point about antiques…

Will Jack’s cover be blown?