Jack has a date with Martha

Jealous Jack suspects Martha and Hugh’s friendship is in fact a blossoming romance. He accepts Martha’s dinner invitation with her and Hugh, but worries when Martha asks him to bring Cody, the girl who Jack told Martha was his new girlfriend. On the night of the dinner, he tells Martha that Cody cancelled, and with Hugh also unable to come, Jack has a dream night alone with Martha.

But things soon start to go wrong for Jack when Martha heads down to the Diner to collect desert, and Alf lets slip about Jack’s imaginary girlfriend Cody. After having some fun, Martha forces Jack to come clean about Cody and Jack admits the truth.

Dan and Leah worry about Drew’s bad attitude and his decision to drop out of school. Later, Belle and Drew head to Amanda’s house with Cassie only to find that an intruder has broken in and is still inside. Drew eventually wrestles the intruder to the ground and unmasks him – it’s Jules, looking hungry, dirty and dishevelled.

After much debate, Belle agrees that Jules can spend a few more days there and Drew is delighted. Later, after yet another fight with Dan, Drew leaves home and he and Jules become flatmates.