Jack overhears Max and Tanya making a flirty arrangement to meet at lunchtime. Jack walks in on Max preparing for Tanya’s arrival and warns Max that he’ll end up alone like him if he keeps playing games. Jack is riled when Max insists his loneliness is his own fault. Tanya turns up and prevents a fight. Tanya is stung when Jack tells her she’s no better than Stacey. His words have hit a nerve and she tells Max she wants out.

Later, Tanya arrives in the Vic with Greg and Lauren to celebrate Lauren passing her driving test. Max struggles to see Tanya with Greg and leaves. Tanya looks wistfully after him. As Max sits brooding in the car lot, he’s surprised when Tanya arrives. Tanya loves Max and they agree to tell their families the next day…

Billy’s finances are on a downer and he gets sacked from the Vic cleaning job when he doesn’t turn up on time. Billy manages to make a little extra cash moving Kat and Alfie’s sofa back to the Vic for the Moons. His spirits are lifted even further when he learns that Julie put him up to be an Olympic torchbearer and he’s been chosen!