Tyrone still can’t get to the bottom of Jack’s strange behaviour so calls Connie to find out if she can shed any light on the situation. Jack’s annoyed that they have betrayed him by going behind his back and storms out. Meanwhile, an uncomfortable Molly is forced to go to the theatre with Sally, when Kevin is taken ill. She knows she will have to sit with Sally with her guilt hanging over her.

Leanne starts work at Viaduct; she seems to be enjoying herself and Nick marvels at how good she is at the job. Meanwhile, Peter assures Ken he’s comfortable with his fiance working with her ex. But as the pair fall into an easy flirtatiousness Leanne can’t help but feel guilty, knowing this is exactly why Peter was jealous in the past.

Chesney goes to Kirk for help. Tonight’s the night and Ches is a bag of nerves as Katy checks he’s got precautions.

Also, Ryan tells Ciaran he’s going to turn down the place at Glasgow as his mum needs him here. But how will Michelle react to this news.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Chesney meets Katy with ice-cream, a DVD and condoms he’s gutted to hear their plans are on hold as Owen is now staying in. But when Fiz and John decide to go it looks like it could be game on. Chesney starts to feel even more nervous as it will soon be time for him to become a man.

As a truly happy Peter and Leanne celebrate Ken’s birthday and their impending nuptials in the pub, Peter toasts to an excellent and successful year. Carla watches on, feeling slightly jealous, her life still far from being under control. She knows she wants what Leanne already has.

Michelle challenges Ryan over what Ciaran told her, and he crumbles admitting he’s staying because he wants to be with her. But Michelle isn’t sure whether she is willing and wants to be able to talk sense into Ryan. Meanwhile it’s Ciaran’s last night and as he supports an emotional Michelle it’s about time they both admitted their feelings for each other.

Also, Tyrone’s devastated as he struggles to take in what Jack is telling him.

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