Jack has lost everything

Jack calls round to the Vic with some flowers for Ronnie, but Roxy sends him packing. Roxy later tells Jack that Ronnie wants out of their deal with the club. Jack gets a call from Selina to say that she and Penny are moving. Jack is devastated when he confronts Selina and she reveals that Penny has gone on ahead. Will Jack ever see his daughter again?

A young woman is thrown into the road from a speeding car and is left scratched and dirty. The girl spots Ian at the cafe and she reveals that she’s former resident Debbie Bates’ daughter Clare. Ian lets Clare clean up and she secretly steals money from his wallet. Clare is about to leave Walford when she bumps into a delighted Dot, who persuades her to stay.

Minty ropes in Peggy to help him with a surprise for Hazel. She’s suspicious and she bursts in on Minty and Peggy, who have laid out a mountain of baby gifts. A distraught Hazel admits to Minty that she’s not pregnant – she’s going through the menopause.

Also, Shabnam decides to give up her dream of travelling and offers to pay off Zainab’s debts.

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