Jack confronts Jase and accuses Jay of trashing his flat, but Jase defends him. Jack then accuses Phil of having a hand in the break-in and he’s infuriated when Phil just laughs in his face. Jack has called the police and Phil is arrested. Ronnie is stunned when she realises that, in fact, Roxy trashed the flat to teach Jack a lesson.

Clare has given up on her plan to ensnare Max and settles on trying to seduce Ian and relieve him of his money. Clare discovers that Ian needs a silver service waitress for his latest catering contract and she offers to help him out. Clare flirtily asks Ian to hers for dinner to show him her ‘skills’ and he is flattered by the attention.

Zainab is furious when Shabnam falls asleep with the bath running and floods the house. Mickey comes to the rescue and offers to let them stay at the Millers. Keith is horrified when he finds out that the repairs to their house may take two weeks!

Also, Sean lets Tanya stew for a while, but they are soon reunited; Ian is increasingly irritated by Christian and he tells Jane that he wants Christian to move out.

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