Jack has strong words for Rob

Jack meets up with his dad and, after deliberation, tells him Karen is having a termination. Rob is relieved but Jack launches into a lecture about how emotionally exhausting this is for his mum.

Rob reassures Jack; he understands this and he knows how to handle Karen, he’ll go and see her later. Rob buys some flowers and waits outside the house but when he finally knocks on the door Karen is not happy.

Rob tries to convince her he wants to support her but she’s having none of it. Clutching at straws he suggests he come inside and fixes the boiler. Before she closes the door on him he tells her he loves her, Karen doesn’t know what this means anymore and shuts the door. Rob bangs on the door but seeing a neighbour watching he leaves, devastated.

Meanwhile, Heston, Julia and Elaine have a meeting about Simon’s decision to quit being a doctor. Elaine says it may be the best thing for him but, privately, Julia and Heston agree they must try to change his mind. Heston worries Simon won’t listen to him anymore but Julia suggests they wait and see what happens.

Later that day, Heston is called out for a home visit when an overprotective daughter panics at her elderly mother’s breathlessness.

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