Jack hears a shocking confession in neighbours

Jack races after the man in the confessional, assuming he's after Paige

Jack’s worried when he hears a man crying in the confessional and then abruptly leave. He races to protect Paige and, when he finds her unharmed, he lies and says he’s worried about her upcoming boxing match. Later, Jack realises Paige isn’t the girl Ari’s after, but if it’s not her, then who is it?

When Sheila discovers the USB with the incriminating footage of Xanthe and Cooper, it seems their luck has turned. However, when Alison reveals Cooper’s mum has a serious temper, Ben begins to wonder – could she have hit her son?

When Mark asks Steph to move in with him permanently, she’s torn about what’s best for Charlie. When Charlie begins acting up and an accident occurs at the motel, Steph assumes Charlie did it, unaware it’s been caused by Ari…