Jack hears the bitter truth

Diane is shocked when Jack turns up in Margate and insists that they need to talk. Diane feels guilty when a concerned Jack asks her whether her cancer has returned and she realises she has to tell her husband the truth. Jack is deeply hurt when she admits that she had feelings for another man and he demands to know who Diane’s secret love is. A panicky Diane blurts out the first name that comes to mind – the drayman, John!

Paul confronts Nicola in the Woolpack toilets and tells her to leave the village. A smug Nicola makes it clear that she’ll do what she likes and she even taunts him about his former boyfriend Ivan. Paul snaps and grabs his sister’s head and forces it under a running tap. When Rodney intervenes and takes Nicola’s side, Paul tells Rodney that he wants him to move out.

Doug clashes with Hilary when he suggests that they rent out their house and stay in the village, as she’s determined to return home. But Doug is equally as determined and he asks Pollard for a job as a delivery man.

Also, Sandy decides to form a pub quiz team.