Jack is quizzed about Lauren

After Kevin’s release, Julia calls a meeting to discuss his return to work. Karen’s adamant he shouldn’t come back – if it wasn’t for a technicality he’d be facing a conviction. But Heston convinces Julia they need to show their support so Julia arranges for Kevin to work at the Campus with him.

Although he’s off the murder case, Rob still doesn’t think Kevin is guilty. He asks DI Driver why Kevin would repeatedly call Lauren after she was dead if he killed her. He then inadvertently reveals Jack knew Lauren, and Driver orders that Jack be brought in for questioning immediately. Jack challenges Driver’s accusations and leaves triumphant, accompanied by a proud Rob.

Heston cottons on to Mrs Tembe’s unease when he and Kevin arrive at the Campus and tries to keep it from him, but Kevin picks up on it and thanks him for trying to cover. Downbeat, Kevin says even if they find the real killer, being implicated in the murder will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Also, Karen tries to reunite a family when the father of the bride refuses to attend his daughter’s wedding.