Jack is Sinead’s client!

Freddie forbids Sinead from prostituting herself again but, behind his back, she asks Trevor to help her get work and reluctantly goes to her first client, not expecting it to be Jack! Freddie, having guessed what Sinead was up to, tracks Sinead down and punches Jack.

Ste finds Leah, Lucas and Fraser at the park and begs the bad boy not to hurt them. Fraser is insulted that Ste would think he could hurt a child – but if Ste wants his kids to grow up with a daddy, he needs to keep quiet.

Maxine tells Patrick she walked free from court, hiding the embarrassing truth that she has to do community service. But she’s busted when Sienna sees her litter picking and offers to help. Later, Patrick spikes Maxine’s drink. Patrick takes drunken Maxine home and lies that he saw her flirting with another man in the club. Maxine is mortified.

Frankie and Ziggy get locked in the pub toilets. Esther finds them and is immediately suspicious but Frankie convinces her nothing was going on. Freddie tells Jack that if he doesn’t give him £2k, he’s going to tell Frankie about him paying for sex. Jack stages a break-in at the pub and gives the money to Freddie.