Jack is suspicious of Ronnie

Max tells Jack about the fire in the club. Ronnie is hurt when Jack insinuates that she torched the club for the insurance. Ronnie is relieved when she learns Jack has got his place at the private clinic. Later, Max is about to sort out Ronnie’s insurance claim when he discovers that Ronnie employed Billy to tinker with the electrics and tells her the insurance won’t pay out.

Syed is hurt when Masood ignores him when he sees him in the cafe. Jane tries to talk to Masood but Masood doesn’t want to listen. Jane is scathing about Masood refusing to forgive his own son. Meanwhile, Tamwar’s annoyed at being bossed around by Zainab when she makes him chop Syed and Amira out of the family photograph. He tells his mum that he’s quitting working at Masala Queen.

Ian panics that word about Lucy’s abortion will get back to Jane after discovering that Leon knows the truth. Ian tries to stop Jane going to the book club in case she hears it third hand from Heather. In desperation Ian buys Jane a ticket to visit her mum in Florida.

Also, Ben is upset when Jordan and Abi call him a little kid and he steals whisky from the Vic.

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