Jack tells a devastated Lauren that she has to go back and live with Max now that he’s split up with Tanya. Jack is in a rage about being dumped by Tanya and he lets himself into his and Tanya’s house and chucks Max and the kids’ belongings onto the street. Ronnie catches him and makes him see sense. Jack tries to kiss Ronnie, but she pushes him away.

Phil is in the doghouse with Suzy and has spent the night sleeping at the Arches. Shirley enjoys winding up Suzy all day. Suzy gets upset and Shirley follows her upstairs and discovers what’s bugging her… Phil confronts Suzy, who confesses that she’s pregnant!

Roxy and Sean are exhausted keeping vigil over Amy, but when Roxy gently suggests they go home and get some sleep Sean refuses. Roxy coaxes Sean into going to the canteen and when they return to the baby unit they are in an upbeat mood, but this is quickly shattered when a premature baby dies. Sean begs Roxy to keep positive, but they are panic-stricken when Amy’s monitor starts to beep…

Also, Bianca pawns her engagement ring to buy a birthday present for Whitney; Ian gets Bobby and his mates to make Christmas Calendars.

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