Roxy gets a letter filing for custody from Jack’s solicitor, but a manipulative Jack assures Roxy and Ronnie that they can resolve the situation in a civilised fashion. Roxy later meets Jack alone to talk about Amy. Jack is determined to get Roxy to see his point of view and he takes the custody letter and rips it up, then pulls Roxy in for a kiss…

Masood is suspicious when Zainab calls in sick and he persuades Jane to visit Zainab with the girls to cheer her up. They interrupt a hale and hearty Zainab about to go out and Jane realises Masood sent her round to spy on Zainab. Masood reveals his worry that Zainab is cheating on him. Meanwhile, Zainab meets up with her son, Syed.

Dotty lets Nick into the house and they talk about a new plan to send Dot loopy to make her death less suspicious. Dot is startled to find Nick indoors and she’s taken aback when he returns the money Dot gave him in return for Dotty, apologising for trying to sell his own daughter.

Also, Denise convinces Patrick to visit Tommy to get some closure; a drunk Phil gives Heather’s Brownies a fright!