Jack is devastated to learn that he’s not the father of Martha’s baby. Worried about Martha, he clings to the hope that Roman will be able to persuade her to terminate the pregnancy, which would give Martha the chance to undergo chemotherapy.

Meanwhile, Roman is still stunned at the news, but eventually says he’ll stand by whatever decision Martha makes. Distraught at the thought of losing Martha, Jack thinks Roman is being selfish, only supporting Martha so that he won’t lose his child.

Overcome with emotion, Jack bursts in on Roman and Charlie and tells Roman that if Martha dies, it will be on Roman’s head. With Roman’s mind on his baby, Charlie is gutted when Roman says he can’t offer her anything more than a casual relationship at the moment.

Alf worries that Ric has made a mistake in not following Matilda to Western Australia. To Ric’s surprise, Alf fires him from the Bait Shop, giving him a one-way ticket to Perth. Meanwhile, Matilda has decided it’s time to get over Ric and try dating her Residential Advisor, Nathan. When she wakes up to a knock at the door, she is shocked to find Ric. As Ric pushes open the door, he’s furious to find another man in Matilda’s bed.

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