Jack Lassiter returns to Erinsborough

Another mystery is in play as a stranger comes to town. Terese makes an effort to keep her eccentric guest happy – and is stunned to learn that he’s none other than the founder of Lassiters – Jack Lassiter.

The mystery builds in the wake of Robbo’s accident. Lucas’s continuing unease has Kyle wondering if he knows more than he’s letting on – and what he learns about Lucas and Vanessa’s financial pressures only deepens his concern. In the meantime, Lucas is stunned to learn that Toadie thinks he’s responsible for the hit and run. Sonya tells Lucas that regardless of Toadie’s innocence, the investigation has the power to shut down Toadie’s legal career.

Kyle pressures Lucas to come clean – he knows more about the night of Robbo’s accident than he’s letting on. Concern for Vanessa sees Kyle agree to keep his secret. But he warns Lucas – the police may go after Toadie – so Lucas better know what he’s doing.

Also, Robbo wakes from his coma and starts to talk about Mason but suddenly goes into arrest and Georgia battles to resuscitate him.