Jack leaks news about The Scraper

It’s business as usual when Kevin and Mrs Tembe return to work, but Freya can’t hide her disgust at her colleagues’ hypocrisy when they welcome Kevin back with open arms. Harrison rings DI Driver for an update on the investigation and is surprised to learn that she is heading to The Mill.

Driver and Rob interview the staff, but don’t get very far and Daniel lies about the last time he saw Lauren. Meanwhile, Jack goes to the lab to see Harrison to find out the latest. Harrison makes the most of Jack’s nosiness and tells him The Scraper is in the frame, but makes it clear the info isn’t public yet, knowing full well Jack will leak the news.

It’s soon public knowledge that The Scraper is the main suspect and Driver is furious that it’s leaked. A sombre mood descends on The Mill when they realise there’s a suspected serial killer on the loose. Harrison visits Elaine at The Mill to see if she’s OK and ask if she wants to stay with him. When she declines, Julia offers both her and Mrs Tembe a girl’s night in at her house; they shouldn’t have to be alone.

As they leave work, Zara jokingly questions Daniel over his interview, but his guilt makes him snap back and she’s left stung by his harsh words.

Also, Cherry encourages an expectant father to tell the truth when an old flame returns with a secret, but will Cherry’s meddling makes things worse?