At a local pub, George and Jack stumble across some illegal gambling activity. But instead of cracking down on the crooks, George pulls up a chair and joins in, confirming to Jack that he is indeed a crooked cop. But since George knows Jack is responsible for evidence going missing at the police station, Jack is left powerless to act.

With the HSC just weeks way, Ric decides to spoil Matilda by buying her a motor scooter. But he’s forced to reassess their relationship when he discovers she is considering leaving the Bay next year for uni. Matilda makes it clear her plans include him and they agree to move to the city should Matilda get accepted at uni there next year.

Confused and unnerved by dreams about Jonah, Martha seeks distraction by agreeing to a date with Lewis Rigg, a newcomer to the Bay. The date doesn’t go well, and later, Martha’s unease over Jonah turns to panic when she realises he’s following her.

She later discovers he was just trying to return her wallet, and the pair even manage to laugh over the incident, which clears some of the bad air between them. It seems there is a growing attraction…