Jack and Immie arrive at Housman to see Gaz, but Jack makes an excuse that he has to interview Anna for the student magazine, so Immie goes in to see Gaz alone.

It’s awkward at first, but they soon start to bond and Immie shows Gaz some of her drawings. Gaz asks her to draw him and when he sees it he decides he’s still himself and is uplifted.

Meanwhile, Jack meets Anna at Housman and they decide to do the interview in the Icon over a beer. Anna talks about the camaraderie of the Army and learning a trade but Jack asks about the cause – what is all this for?

Anna tells Jack about finding a roadside casualty in Afghanistan, an army nurse called Lucy, who died. Anna then reveals how she treated the bomber that killed Lucy, and saved him.

Jack realises that Lucy was her partner and, with a newfound respect for Anna, he decides to go back and see Gaz.

Also, Michelle finds herself entangled with a dotty octogenarian who is on a mission to find her lost cat.

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