Jack learns who Diane’s other man is!

Diane is tense when Billy returns to the village and her emotions almost get the better of her when he comes into the pub. Billy follows Diane home, but Victoria spots them together and she listens in as they discuss their ‘relationship’. Victoria is stunned and she reveals the shocking news to Jack, who is incredulous. Jack confronts Val and she cracks and confirms the awful truth.

Gray organises a meeting with someone from the surrogacy agency without asking Perdy’s permission. Perdy feels uncomfortable with Gray’s insistence that they forge ahead with the surrogacy as soon as possible and she tells Gray not spring any more surprises on her.

Debbie insists to Lisa that she made a decision not to be a mum to Sarah long ago and she’s sticking to it. Lisa encourages Chas to have a word and Chas reminds her that she walked away from her own son and it was the hardest thing she’s ever done. Debbie is noncommittal, but she’s pleased that Chas has thawed towards her.

Also, Donna’s surprised to find that Ross is working at her police station.