Jack is furious when Christian tells him to stay away from Roxy and he confronts Roxy about it. Jack tries to bully Roxy into letting him see Amy and Max sees their altercation and goads Jack into a fight. Ronnie breaks it up, but Max tells Jack that he should confront his feelings. Jack confesses that he’s in love with Ronnie, but he needs to concentrate on his daughter.

Zainab secretly phones Syed when Masood won’t agree about investing in a property deal. A suspicious Masood finds Zainab’s phone and dials the last number and is stunned to hear Syed’s voice. Masood forces Zainab to give him Syed’s address and he confronts him. Masood realises that Syed was trying to con his own family when Syed is forced to admit that he’s actually jobless and homeless.

Heather finds empty vodka bottles in the flat and tells Shirley she’s an alcoholic and needs help. Later, Shirley tells Phil that she’s in love with him and he is cold with her. A gutted Shirley realises that Phil isn’t interested in her – he’s only interested in the booze she can provide.

Also, Patrick organises a holiday in Trinidad; Nick persuades an exhausted Dot to let him stay for a while.