Jack makes a move on Sharon

Sharon and Dennis are still at the Brannings’. Tanya is not impressed when she arrives home to find a strange blonde wearing her clothes! Sharon escapes to the Vic and is pleased to see old friends Billy and Tracey. When Jack spots Sharon he turns on the charm and offers to buy her a drink. Sharon turns him down and instead asks him to buy her engagement ring as she’s in urgent need of cash. After buying the ring, Jack asks Sharon again if she’d like a drink as she and Dennis tuck into their dinner. This time she agrees.

Phil and Shirley catch up with Ben at the police station. But they’re too late, as he confesses to Marsden he killed Heather. Marsden is skeptical, wondering what Ben is up to. Noting the desperation on Phil’s face, Crisp is sure Ben is telling the truth and arrests him for murder.

Shirley heads back to the Square to get rid of the photo frame and finds a stunned Jay has found it. Jay is horrified when Shirley reveals Ben confessed. Jay breaks down and tells Shirley what happened the night of the murder. A disgusted Shirley has a decision to make – get rid of the frame and protect Ben or get justice for Heather.

*Second episode 9pm

In a special extra episode, Sharon heads to the B&B with Dennis. Jack follows Sharon and offers her his place for the night. Realising it’s the best option, Sharon accepts. With Dennis safely tucked up in bed, Sharon muses to Jack that this should have been her wedding night. Telling Jack she doesn’t want to be alone she leans in for a passionate kiss. The next morning, Jack wakes and is upset to find Sharon gone.

At the Beales’, Ian settles in, but is upset to realise how much Lucy and Bobby have had to sell to survive. The next day, Ian is taken aback to find Lucy’s solicitor in the house with the paperwork for signing over the businesses. Lucy has a tinge of guilt, but tells Ian she has to do this for her and Bobby’s security.

Shirley has hidden the frame as the police arrive. She is wracked with guilt as Crisp tells her that without evidence they will have to let Ben go. Meanwhile, Ben realises that he needs to do something drastic. He passes Jay a note via their solicitors begging Jay to tell the truth. Ben is charged with murder and Jay is released on bail, charged with perverting the course of justice.