Jack makes a move on Tanya

Jack visits Tanya and confesses that things are rocky between him and Ronnie. He hints that there is someone else he’s interested in but Tanya doesn’t realise that he means her. Jack tries to kiss Tanya as he leaves but she turns her head so he kisses her cheek, but he leaves her feeling flushed. Meanwhile, Ronnie accuses Roxy of being on drugs and rails at her for sleeping with Sean. Roxy confronts Jack about grassing her up to Ronnie and in the heat of the argument, she kisses him and he responds…

Sean bundles a terrified Gus into the flat and locks Wellard in a cupboard. Sean tells Gus not to stick his nose into his business about drug dealing or else and he insists that Gus quits the flat. Sean shoves Gus in the bedroom when Roxy comes round but Gus manages to scramble out of the window to safety.

Bradley is sad when he sees Stacey with Steven. Stacey goes to the Beales’ for dinner. Steven is uncomfortable when Christian joins them.

Also, Vinnie asks Shirley to move in with him, but she thinks it’s too soon; Bradley goes on a fox watch in the Square with Tiff.

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