Jack makes a shock decision

With Frankie still gone, Newt is devastated to hear Jack wants him to stay at Nancy’s for a while. In the bar, Jack is embarrassed when his regulars, including the McQueens, make donations towards the pub and Kris also tries to get the students to raise cash for The Dog. Meanwhile, a desperate Jack leaves a heart-wrenching voicemail for Frankie, before making a shocking decision…

Nancy’s perturbed when Jack asks her to look after Newt. Feeling unloved, Newt tells Nancy he thinks Jack wants to send him back to the home.

Kris is still angry with Elliot over his interference with Eamon. Finally Kris and his dad meet up, but Eamon refuses to accept him for who he is. Back at Halls, Kris and Elliot make up, as a lonely and drunk Eamon leaves Hollyoaks for good.

As John Paul and Kieron begin their day as a proper couple, the oblivious Myra tells Mercedes that John Paul needs to be with his family and make a fresh start.

As Kieron and John Paul share a drink at The Dog, Myra is shocked to walk in on them together and erupts in a fury. But Kieron stands up for their relationship and tells Myra that he and John Paul are staying together.

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