Hunter Owen is still jealous of his mum Mel’s continued interest in Jack Branning and he makes digs about Jack for Mel’s benefit. When Mel reassures Hunter that she’s got no desire to get involved with anyone new, Hunter is still not happy, as he recognises how flirty the pair are. Knowing that Jack is determined to win over Mel, Hunter decides the only thing to do is to interfere to stop Jack and Mel getting together. When he tries to  manipulate the situation, however, things get out of hand and badly backfire!

Ted wakes up in the morning and is keen to get out of the house and run some errands for his wife Joyce. He enlists the help of teenagers  Tiffany and Bernadette when he bumps into them out and about in the Square. After getting the things on his list done, Ted sadly realises how much Joyce does for him and how much he takes her for granted…

Meanwhile, Stacey puts on a show of being fed up when her mum Jean insists on sticking around.  But it doesn’t last long as she’s secretly really pleased to have the Slater clan around her in the Square once again.