Jack pops the question

Ronnie goes to the airport to pick up Roxy, and Jack is horrified to discover that Peggy has put up a congratulations banner in the Vic for their engagement, as he hasn’t proposed! Ronnie walks into the Vic and sees the sign and everyone gathered for the party. Jack rushes in and gets down on bended knee, but a humiliated Ronnie walks out. Jack follows and apologises. Ronnie accepts his proposal and the party goes ahead. Later, Ronnie prepares for a night of passion, but Jack catches her sticking a pin in the condom…

Lucas and Denise discover that Jordan has skived off school and he confesses that he arranged to see Trina. Lucas warns Jordan to stay away from his mum and he answers Jordan’s mobile and tells Trina to stay away. Trina confronts Lucas and Denise and Lucas takes Trina aside and demands she signs the divorce papers, but Denise witnesses their discussion.

Christian is disappointed when Syed won’t talk about their kiss. Christian cheekily tells Amira that he pulled a new bloke. Syed is horrified when Amira mentions it to him and he hurriedly texts Christian.

Also, Minty fails again to get Manda into bed; Ian and Jane return to discover the cafe is being renovated, but they have no insurance.

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