Jack ruins Phil’s birthday

Phil‘s birthday meal kicks off, but the atmosphere turns sour when Jack arrives. Phil and Jack score points against each other and Phil ‘accidentally’ spills trifle in Jack’s lap. Jack gets his own back by announcing that Phil has sold him the car lot. Peggy and Ronnie are furious that Phil and Jack went behind their backs. Ronnie vows to find out more about the elusive Jack and she looks for an address for his ex-wife.

Jane is stunned when Christian turns up in the Square and reveals that he’s been left homeless after splitting up with Ashley. Jane eventually agrees to let Christian crash over at the Beales’. Christian later flirts with Steven, who quickly lies he has a girlfriend! Christian then moves into Ian and Jane’s.

Jay is chuffed to be part of Tegs’ gang, but Jase confronts him when Dawn finds a flick knife in Jay’s room. Jase thinks he’s sorted the situation but when Jase snuggles up on the sofa with Dawn Jay sneaks out. Jay, Tegs and the gang gather outside Dot’s house and plot to break in…

Also, Hazel worries that Minty has got cold feet about the wedding; Zainab gets Masood’s money back from Shirley.

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